Tanna frederick dating

03 Sep

She founded the non-profit Project Save Our Surf, which sends disadvantaged children to summer camps and installs freshwater wells in developing countries.Frederick is currently preparing for a return trip to Vietnam. And in South Africa the group dug a well for an AIDS orphanage.Frederick, who grew up in Mason City, home of Meredith Wilson “The Music Man,” started performing in plays there when she was 9-years-old.“I want to merge those two worlds of Los Angeles and Iowa heartiness and their viewpoint of art,” she said. Getting people from the state that know the terrain and can write about that is important to me.” So what’s next for the multifaceted actress?When I moved out here and started working with the kids I realized that the earth’s natural and preserved sites are disappearing, but if we can get kids to be really passionate about them by visiting rather than just seeing it in a text book then we can actually protect these places for generations to come.” Soon after Tanna founded the group in 2008, she earned the endorsement of professional surfer Shaun Tomson, who together with a cadre of volunteers and board members make up the organization.That same year in 2008, Frederick also founded another passion of hers, the Iowa Independent Film Festival and Project Cornlight, meant to promote the state of Iowa as a filming destination.

“I can easily see her as a contract player of the 30s,” Wyle said.

“Tanna can be fully engaged in a scene which derives from pure pleasure and happiness, then twist on a dime so fast that it is startling and often even missed by the naked eye,” Jaglom wrote.

“Then, when you think you’ve seen such sadness that you can’t stand it a minute longer, an enormous radiant smile breaks through that can warm the heart of frozen fishermen.” Surf and film In addition to acting, Frederick is a second degree black belt in Taekwondo and enjoys running and surfing.

The two have been a couple for years, although it was not something she ever spoke publicly about until now.

“It’s just a synergistic relationship where we really feel like two little kids in a sandbox,” she said.