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13 Nov

And Fairmont Hotel, itself, is one of the locations of Vertigo. “…it appears as though those specific concerns of duration, sync sound, and the confrontation with the common-place have remained on Gehr's mind.

The effect is disorientation, as the camera is at times upside down, at times tilted sideways. Departure seems to reflect an elaboration of these ideas in an even more deceptively simple direction.

I closed my eyes, but even it did not help, so I shielded my eyes with my hands.

The merciless, denatured quality of the digital colour might have something to do with my stress reaction.

Or maybe it was just having worked ten hours at the office without a real break.

Side/Walk/Shuttle reveals, through a camera smuggled into a view lift in San Francisco, the absurdity of architecture and questions the sense of skyscrapers while making you dizzy in the process.

“The initial inspiration for the film was an outdoor glass elevator and the visual, spatial and gravitational possibilities it presented me with.