Technorati feed not updating

29 Oct

If you do want the graphics ads — they are keyword based (contextual) and come up during searches, mainly on the top right and on the right of the page — note that Technorati announced very grandly in July that it is are downplaying its ads.Its service is not a cost per click program, but a "buy advert space" paradigm.One way is by you outputting a full feed via RSS or Atom.However, according to Kevin Marks of Technorati, it is preferable that you use an Atom Feed.Technorati only advertises on its home page, however, and is not moving towards advertising on blogs (Adsense does though).You can be a sponsored listing, but you should pass on the graphic ads unless you know something that I don’t.

I will use the blog search engine Bloglines as a benchmark for my critique, but most of it will be some of my own findings while touring Technorati to find some user-generated comment.

If you’re familiar with the blogosphere, then this quick data won’t surprise you: a hundred and seventy thousand blogs go online daily.

All about Technorati I hardly ever review products or sites I do not like.

Also remember that the Technorati spider does not index any page off the main page; it does not engage in deep crawling, unlike Google’s blog search.

If you are using blog software such as Word Press, Movable Type, or Blogger, your category section will be automatically read as tags.