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04 Feb

If you're insanely political, however, you've come to the right place.

Most stereotypes are based in truth to some extent, and these are no exception.

I personally happen to be white and upper middle class, but I am also about as liberally-minded as you could be, and I am a majorly lapsed Catholic. I would say that Notre Dame kids are actually opposite.

I knew plenty of other people who were just like me, and I never encountered anyone that I felt was really judging me for the ways that I was different from them. I honestly think that you can find people who feel superior anywhere you go, and I don't think we have more of these people than the average school. Even though there is a small percentage of minorities that attend Notre Dame, it is stil a small percentage, especially when they are separated into their respective racial groups. And all of us are not diehard Notre Dame fans, some of us didn't even watch college football until we came here. People at Notre Dame are smart, and there are nerds, but most people are normal and aren't obsessed with school, and don't discuss politics and religion at dinner. I'd say there are less rich snobs here than in high school. We are obsessed with football These stereotypes are very accurate. Crew catalogue, which is not necessarily a bad thing.

You will find many, many people on campus who embody the stereotypes listed above.

But you will increasingly find people who break that mold on all accounts, and you will generally find a welcoming and tolerant atmosphere for them.

I understand that the University is catholic and has different views on pre-marital sex. There's a lot of people at ND, most act like adults.

Being on campus is not a deterrent for dating/sex/Netflix/cuddling, it's just a thing to keep in mind.These students did not get in to Notre Dame on their own merit, and are generally not as intelligent as those who did.Also, many athletes would be better suited going to community colleges, but since the University considers athletics a priority (and rightfully so, considering the amount of money it makes), these athletes who may not be able to cut it academically are admitted.While that is mostly a thing of the past, I definitely know a few girls who have that goal.Unfortunately, our website is currently unavailable in most European countries.Both yes and no for all of them - yes, there's lots of legacies, but not nearly as many as you'd think.Our system of dorms that a majority of students stay in 3-4 years is really cool, but at the same time having single sex dorms strains gender relations a little, though from what I've gathered, it's not too different from lots of other colleges.Yes, a fair amount of students are wealthy, but name brands aren't a huge deal unless you want to make them a huge deal. views go, I think there is some truth to this because the majority of people on campus have ties to Catholicism, but as a Protestant, I don't feel like these views are imposed on me; views may not be as wide-ranging as at a state school, but nobody is condemning anyone else. Notre Dame students are also really smart and do study a lot until the weekend comes, unless they're in buisness. People here are really caring and nice, and if they have money they don't really flaunt it. If I want to wear something nice to class, I don't feel weird about it, but honestly if I just want to wear sweats and flip-flops there are plenty of people doing that too.With a huge athletic program for just a small/medium size school, you find a lot of athletes in many classes, and they always wear sweats.Hey I was accepted to ND EA and have a question regarding the dating scene at ND. I wish to have sex during my time in college or just cuddle and watch Netflix. If you have any experience from what I've mentioned above. If you also have any fun memories or funny stories. It's the same as every other college except when you live in the dorm there are parietals, which are curfews for the opposite sex to leave dorms each night (midnight weekdays and 2am weekends). Some adults date, some don't; some have sex, others don't.My high school ( I live on campus) is really relaxed with male and female interaction and all of that so I'm used to this sort of environment. Are things like this possible on campus or do you have to go off campus. Come in with an open mind and a respectful attitude and you'll find whatever you're looking for.