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09 Sep

This method—measuring the amount of organic carbon as well as radioactive carbon (C) in mineralized compounds—has long been a means of determining the age of individual sediment layers.

Until now, however, it has not been possible to analyze samples from deeper than 5,000 meters below the surface, because the mineralized compounds dissolve under increased water pressure.

Strasser and his team had to use new methods for their analysis.

The online gas radiocarbon method, developed by the Laboratory for Ion Beam Physics and doctoral student Rui Bao and the Biogeoscience Group at ETH Zurich was one of these methods.

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Ocean floor sediment could offer a way to better predict future undersea earthquakes, new research suggests.

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These places correspond to three historically documented yet hitherto partially imprecisely dated seismic events in the Japan Trench: the Tohoku earthquake in 2011, an unnamed earthquake in 1454, and the Sanriku earthquake in 869.

Currently, Strasser is working on a large-scale geological map of the origin and frequency of sediments in deep-ocean trenches.

The seismically active trench was the epicenter of the Tohoku earthquake in 2011, which made headlines when it caused the nuclear meltdown at Fukushima.

These kinds of rarthquakes wash enormous amounts of organic matter from the shallows into deeper waters.