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19 Jan

An introduction to some basic attitudes may be useful as you attempt to understand U. Be open to different types of friendships and give new friendships time.

In this “mobile society,” friendships can be transitory and are often established to meet personal needs in a particular situation.

While the following are generalizations — and you will find individuals who are exceptions – they do tend to characterize Americans.

Americans generally believe that the ideal person is an autonomous, self-reliant individual.

Going to social events together, even if this occurs several times, may not imply an emotional attachment.

It does indicate that someone’s company is enjoyed.

Change, open expression of one’s opinions, and questioning the system are generally encouraged among Americans.

Therefore, trying to understand what social customs are observed and trying to find a comfortable way to act and live in this new environment can be difficult. International students often find it difficult to understand how Americans form and maintain friendships. Although many international Students do experience difficulty, others have little trouble making friends.

They dislike being dependent on other people or having others dependent on them.You might be greeted by Americans with apparent warmth, but you might find that this warmth does not always continue.Americans have many interests and engage in a variety of activities, so the warmth expressed in one meeting between individuals, while genuine and sincere, may be confined to that occasion.Men still tend to initiate invitations to dances, films, or other evening events, but such invitations may also be made by women.On campus, there are many entertainment opportunities to share with one person or with a group.Some people view this attitude as “selfish.” Others view it as a healthy freedom from the constraints of excessive ties to family, clan, or social class.Americans are taught that “all people are created equal.” While they often continue to violate this idea in some part of their lives, Americans tend to try to stick to it.College-age people often consider it essential to establish personal autonomy, develop self-awareness, and experiment with many approaches to living.For them “staying loose” or “being flexible” is necessary to this process.The amount of physical contact between men and women depends on the amount of affection they have developed for each other.The greatest amount of touching, even at a very superficial level, occurs between men and women in this culture. where there is such a wide range of attitudes and practices.