Tips dating medical resident

16 Sep

With that in mind, there are common rules which apply to all internships, and the following 10 steps can help you successfully prepare for your intern year. Go to Furture, it’s a service that lets you email yourself in the future.

I want you to go there, write yourself an email about how excited you are about starting your internship and what your goals are right now.

And as the era of your time as a medical student ends, a new era will begin – your residency.

As you hang up your short coat and prepare to wear a longer version, you may be asking yourself how you should prepare for your first day of residency.

Thousands of 4th year medical students around the United States have opened their envelopes and learned where they will be spending the next three to seven years of their lives.

Hopefully you are one of the many students who smiled, shouted with excitement, or shed tears of relief and joy.

Sending yourself an email in the future will help remind you.

If you are willing, post below some of what your wrote!

So the mating pool for a hypergamous female has shrunken significantly.

The long journey of the residency application process has ended, and graduation is fast approaching.

Soon, you will receive your diploma and take the Hippocratic Oath; with those words you will become a physician.

Long-term relationships and marriages that are formed during medical school do happen, but they are comparatively rarer.

I remember during one of my rotations, one of the residents (a bitter, bitter woman) shared her concern of remaining alone for the rest of her life.