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25 Aug

born September 23, 1985 in Edogawa, Tokyo, Japan is a J-pop singer currently signed to the sublabel Rhythm Zone under the Avex Trax label. - Join for free and meet local active senior singles for dating, romance, fun, and more.

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TRAX returned to Korea and released their first studio album First Rain on July 20.

Following released their fourth Japanese single Resolution on August 3.

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Trax Records is not affiliated with the Chicago house record label Dust Traxx Records founded by Radoslaw Hawryszczuk in 1997, nor with Wax Trax! This latter tune gave a massive boost to house music, extending recognition of the genre outside of Chicago.[[ Many artists have worked in other capacities. Farley Jackmaster Funk, K Alexi Shelby, Roy Davis Jr., Wayne "Dr. They held their first concert on July 26 at Ziller Hall and held their second concert on July 31.Their second single Scorpio was released in Japan on November 14 by Avex Trax and in Korea on November 17 by S. Entertainment, with six tracks on the South Korean release and four tracks in Japan.TX101 -- Le Noiz "Wanna Dance/Certainly" TX102 -- Jesse Velez "Girls Out On the Floor" TX103 -- Le Noiz "I'm Scared/Get Out" TX104 -- Farley Keith (Jackmaster Funk) "Jack the Bass" TX105 -- Kevin Irvin "Ride the Rhythm [Remix]" TX106 -- Farley Keith "Funkin With Drums Again" TX107 -- Vince Lawrence "Virgo Tracks Again" TX108 -- Jesse Velez "Super Rhythm Trax" TX109 -- Ron Hardy "Sensation" TX110 -- Screamin' Rachel "My Main Man"X TX111 -- Man Goes Disco "Sensuous Woman" TX112 -- Adonis "No Way Back" TX113 -- Sleezy D "I've Lost Control" TX114 -- Marshall Jefferson "Virgo/Free Yourself/R U Hot Enough" TX115 -- Fresh Dum Dum "Part Two" TX116 -- Farley Keith "Give Yourself to Me" TX117 -- Marshall Jefferson "Move Your Body/House Music Nat'l Anthem" TX118 -- Master C & J "When You Hold Me" TX119 -- Sweet D "Thank Ya/Do It" TX120 -- Adonis "We're Rockin Down the House" TX121 -- On the House "Ride the Rhythm [Original]" TX122 -- Willie Wonka: "What is House" TX123 -- Radio Fashion "You Get What You Deserve" TX124 -- Farm Boy: "Jackin’ Me Around" TX125 -- Fat Albert "Beat Me Til I Jack" TX126 -- Santos "Work the Box" TX127 -- Mr. E.)" TX419 -- Dave Robertson "Liquidity & Warmth/Loss of a Love" TX420 -- Maurice "Desires" TX421 -- Frankie Knuckles "Waiting on my Angel" (2002) TX467 -- Various Artists "Best of Movi' Record Vol. Fingers "The complete can you feel i(Martin Luther King RX)" TX486 -- Screamin' Rachel "Don't make me lonely" Huck the weed song TX107/114 -- Virgo Tracks Again/Virgo "Free Yourself" TX5001 -- Various: “Chicago Trax Volume 1” TX5003 -- Various "Acid Trax Volume 1" TX5004 -- Various "Acid Trax Volume 2" TX5005 -- Steve Poindexter Featuring "Short Circuit" TX5007 -- Various "Acid Trax Volume 3" TX5011 -- Various "Frankie Knuckles Presents" TX5016 -- Armando Presents the New World Order TX5017 -- Acid Wash - Written by J. Alexi) "Trick Tracks" TX5020 -- Phuture "Lost Tracks featuring 'Men on Film'" TX5021 -- Ralph Rosario's Greatest Hits TX5022DP -- Joey Beltram Presents "Dance Generator" (Double pack) TX5023 -- XXX Tracks TX5024 -- Armando "The New World Order Level 3" TX5025 -- Kaay Alexi Shelby & Brazil ' TX5027 -- The Beltram Re-releases 1989-1991 TX5032 -- Armando Presents the New World Order 4 94 TX5033 -- Steve Stoll "Octaves" TX5034 -- Frankie Bones "Bone Up! Fingers: "Can U Feel It/Washing Machine" TX128 -- Sampson “Butch” Moore: "House Beat Box" TX129 -- Jungle Wonz: "The Jungle" TX130 -- Boris Badenough: "Hey, Rocky" (Artist was actually Dean Anderson though often miscredited as Frankie Knuckles.) TX131 -- Lidell Townsell: "Party People" TX132 -- Robert Owens: "Bringin’ Down the Wall" TX133 -- Terry Baldwin: "Housemaster" TX134 -- Two House People: "Move My Body" TX135 -- Jungle Wonz: "Time Marches On" TX136 -- On the House: "Give Me Back the Love" TX137 -- Mr. Lopez TX5018 -- Lost Trax - Previously unreleased tracks by Mr. Their third Japanese single, Blaze Away was released on September 14.On May 10, 2006, the drummer No Min-woo (Rose) left the band to pursue other interests and the band continued promoting as a trio.Lee "I Can't Forget" TX138 -- Mystery "Mystery Girl" TX139 -- Eric Bell "Your Love" TX140 -- Mr. Lee "Came to House" TX141 -- William S "I'll Never Let You Go" TX142 -- Phuture: "Acid Tracks" TX144 -- Dalis "Rock Steady" TX145 -- Kevin Irving "Children of the Night" TX146 -- Two of a Kind "Somewhere in West Hell" TX147 -- Pleasure Zone "Charley/House Nation" TX148 -- Dr.