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13 Oct

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we need a process of the above mentioned therapies and in addition, detoxification, vitamins, minerals and medication. Cigarettes are also chemical but they don’t generate the entire abstinence syndrome like nausea, shaking, fever, extreme anxiety, sickness, sweating, etc.

A high percentage of the therapeutical approaches that deal with addiction are based on the 12 steps programs.

In spite of legislation aimed at limiting their consumption, the highly profitable return from the commercialisation of these addictive substances and activities is usually what funds and accelerates their widespread proliferation.

I decided to stay in the city this weekend and it has been surprisingly really nice.

For the latter group, such as: Gambling, Internet games, Online chat, Sex sites, Internet pornography, Online shopping, T.

V., Workaholism, Eating disorders, Shopping, Sexaholism, Kleptomania, Co-dependency/love addiction and so on, the treatment will be based on Coaching, Breathwork and Psychotherapy, Bodywork such as Massage and Watsu and Creative development such as Colour and Image Consultancy.

This can be described as a temporary state of consciousness where the body and mind are extremely over stimulated or under stimulated.

It is often described as “an experience of ecstasy and feelings of symbiosis with the cosmos”.