Trojan hunter 5 updating little fingers

02 Mar

“So, hopefully this will stick in their craw and we can use this for down the stretch." Related: Prayers up for Farquhar from Robichaux and the Cajuns UL blew a two-run lead in the ninth, then lost it in the 11th as Marcus Ragan first snapped a 6-6 tie with a bloop single to center that scored Ryan Benevidez. provided an insurance run for Little Rock by singling in Chase Coker, and the Trojan’s added another on a fielder’s choice to make it 9-6 going to the bottom of the 11th.

UL did scratch out one run in the 11th as Daniel tripled and scored on Gavin Bourgeois’ single, but Hunter Kasuls lined out to first to end it.

And, at an emotional memorial vigil in the small Saskatchewan town of Humboldt soon after the crash, La Belle was listed among the dead. The badly injured La Belle was in the hospital, surrounded by the family of his teammate, Parker Tobin, who felt fortunate their son had lived, even if his injuries made him unrecognizable. It was a mix-up that made headlines around the world and compounded an already overwhelming tragedy.

Then La Belle woke up and said, "I'm not Parker Tobin," a coroner recently recalled. On Wednesday, June 6, exactly two months after the crash, La Belle walked out of the hospital, officially discharged but not fully recovered.

Emblazoned across his chest was one word: "Believe."The team had worn the shirts at the beginning of last season's playoffs, La Belle said."We believed in each other," he said.

A gruesome scar runs down the center of his forehead. "It was awful, but today I am able to walk and look forward to eventually running and skating."La Belle said his injuries left him without any memories of the crash or the two weeks after.

Learning about what had happened was "shocking and heartbreaking," he said."It was a privilege and an honour to get to know so many incredible people," he said, listing the names of those who died.

UL closer Nick Lee entered for UL in the eighth inning to protect a two-run lead, and wound up staying for four innings – any easy call, Robichaux said later, but the max he would have went. But if we do handle that play (on Coker’s double) I think it’s a different story.” The Cajuns are now 3-3 in extra-innings game this season. Bourgeois went 4-for-6 with one RBI and two runs scored; Lahare was 3-for-6 with one RBI and two runs scored. Fontenot extended his streak of consecutive games reaching base to 21.

More: Lee goes from starter to closer for Cajuns Lee gave up a one-out double in his first inning of work, but followed with back-to-back strikeouts.