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12 Nov

The banners below were used as billboards along the roadside in big cities.Themes included cologne to help vampires attract a human, job listings for mainstreaming vampires, and even motorcycles to help a vampire "outrun the sun".Deviating from past designs and anachronistic styling, these newer websites took a much more modernized approach in displaying the content.

He said she chose to work with him, though, because "[Ball] really ‘got’ me. I just felt that he understood what I was doing with the books.” The project's hour-long pilot was ordered concurrently with the finalization of the aforementioned development deal and was written, directed and produced by Ball.

Each time a video was watched, one entry into the contest's larger drawing, for cash or larger prizes, was submitted, and losing an Instant Win did not disqualify a user's chance at winning the larger prize.

Season 6 introduced several new companion websites, based on HBO's desire to modernize their image.

The information presented complemented various aspects of the series.

For example, the site Love was a Human/Vampire dating site created to complement the Season 1 concepts of vampire dating. Especially when it comes to a website whose existence relies on a company paying a yearly tab.