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01 Nov

Whether your obsession about someone is a sign of love or addiction?Whether you’re staying in a troubled relationship because you’re addicted or in love?Initial attraction stirs up neurotransmitters and hormones that create the excitement of infatuation and a strong desire to be close and sexual with the person.These chemicals and our emotional and psychological make-up can cause us to obfuscate reality and idealize the object of our attraction.Fantasies are mostly sexual or about the person’s appearance and body, and we aren’t interested in meeting the person’s needs outside the bedroom – or maybe even inside!Sex releases oxytocin, the love chemical that makes us want to nest with our partner.When it’s purely lust, we’re not too interested in spending time together without sex or the expectation of it.

Increasingly, we hide our worries and doubts and rely on sex, romance, and fantasy to sustain the relationship.

Out of sympathy, we might even be drawn to help and “rescue” our partner and/or try to change him or her back into the ideal we “fell” for. But lust can also lead to true love as we become attached to and get to know our sexual partner, and lust doesn’t always fade.

I’ve seen couples married for decades that enjoy a vibrant sex life.

We want to share more of our time and life together, including our problems and friends and family.

Our lover’s needs, feelings, and happiness become important to us, and we think about planning a future together.