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02 Jan

Dating apps like Grindr, Tinder and, their Philippine version, Ok Cupid! These dating apps give users hundreds, if not thousands, of choices.It’s an intoxicating platform that overflows with sexual potency, decadence and lust.THE emergence of dating apps such as Tinder, Grindr, Hinge, Bumble and Happn, which can be accessed in the relative privacy of one’s smartphone, has given rise to Generation Swipe.Swipe the screen right if you’re interested in a user and left if you’re not.Although some people may see this as empowering, at least sexually, it can have deadly consequences.In fact, many health experts point to mobile apps as fueling the rise in HIV infections in the Asia-Pacific region.Online dating apps have been accused of fueling hook-up culture, and killing romance and even the dinner date, but their effects on society are deeper than originally thought. The rise of internet dating services could be behind stronger marriages, an increase in interracial partnerships, and more connections between people from way outside our social circles, according to a new study by economics professors Josue Ortega at the University of Essex and Philipp Hergovich at the University of Vienna in Austria.Today, more than one-third of marriages begin online.

As with the Department of Health (Do H) report, the UN study showed that the epidemic is spreading fastest among men who have sex with men.And the number of deaths will likely increase, with 10,000 new HIV cases recorded during the first 11 months of 2017, compared to just 8,514 cases for the same period in 2016.In October 2017, there were 833 cases, with sexual contact to blame for 96.5 percent of the HIV cases.While there are many cases where real relationships blossom from these dating apps, this online platform has become a virtual public bath house without the sweaty hassle of actually having to go to one.And it makes finding casual sex accurate and focused with just a swipe of the finger.According to a California State University researcher, “online dating could introduce an insatiable appetite for variety and novelty – a constant desire for the next best partner, the next quick sexual tryst.” Perhaps this explains why the use of a dating app while in a relationship is now a leading cause of divorce in the United Kingdom based on a survey conducted by a British law firm.Meanwhile, across the English Channel, a French court has adjudged online dating without any “physical contact” as a valid ground for divorce, sparking fears of increased break-ups among married couples.A more radical approach is for the government to bring its “safe sex” campaign to social media via online advertisements in these dating apps. Government and health advocates urgently need to conduct a strategic online outreach to educate people on the importance of safe sex and a healthy monogamous relationship. With one swipe you can connect with what many may see as their next boyfriend or girlfriend – or a one-night stand.But the utter simplicity of dating apps’ functionality poses not just a relationship hazard but a health hazard as well.