Tulisa dating danny simpson

17 Sep

Tulisa insists Simpson told her his relationship with Stephanie was over before they got together.

A statement released by her lawyers yesterday said: “Tulisa categorically denies any allegation that she entered any relationship with Danny Simpson while he was still in a relationship with Stephanie Ward.” The furious telly star wrote on Twitter: “u r a liar n a psychotic obsessed nutta! wrongen.” She added: “I don’t want 2 get in 2 a public war of words.” Last night a spokeswoman for Simpson said: “It is not true that Danny was still sleeping with Stephanie when he was ‘pursuing’ Tulisa.

But he said it had to be a June wedding because then his footie mates could attend.

And sticking up for his lady, Danny tweeted at the time: ‘Wow Gary going in on Tulisa, that’s below the belt for live tv lol.’ And he further showed his support to Tulisa when he praised her one remaining act Ella Henderson on Twitter last weekend.

He wrote: ‘I liked that version of Tinies song that @Ella_Henderson just did..

“Danny also said he didn’t want to deal with the side-effects of my pregnancy — specifically morning sickness.

I was devastated.” Stephanie, now 11 weeks pregnant, said she fears for her future after Simpson ditched her.