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12 Mar

The majority of the programs during daytime is either about matching man and woman willing to marry or Big brother type of programs with a lot of aggression.

I think digital terrestrial television is dead at birth.

Today, there are almost 500 FTA channels in Turksat. Some of these channels are local, some of them are poor video quality.

Coming back to the consequences, this disproportionate balance between the alternative mediums (terrestrial, satellite, cable, IP) resulted in almost to chance for Digital Terrestrial adaptation in the market which is already too much delayed.

I’m really enjoying reading, writing, researching about it.

Following that I wrote down my personal view in return and Ozgur then published it in his blog.Actually there are households with more than 1 subscription.Anyway for the sake of simplicity let’s consider there are around 20 million households, then market penetration is calculated as 28 percent.In this world, you get what you pay for, but with careful research, you may just luck out every once in a while. There are an insane amount of free themes out there, but unfortunately, many of them end up being more trouble than they’re worth, especially if you’re new to Word Press or don’t know how to code.And when it comes to free themes, we just love doin’ the research for ya! It’s not uncommon to find forums or comments sections where users say they have tried a dozen or more free templates before finding one that worked for them. Read on to find a great list of free Word Press themes that won’t require you to sacrifice all of the features you want from a Word Press theme.The content quality of the Live TV channels is significantly biased towards rating.The producers are focused on not producing content with high quality but content that could be appealing for the majority of the people thus bringing better ad revenue.The two biggest downfalls with most free themes are their lack of support, updates, and non-responsive design.If you’re not a web designer, customizing a Word Press theme can be tricky and finding a solution can be equally as difficult.Secondly, the high level of piracy is another reason, it’s quite difficult to sell content in Turkey while there are tons of free-of-charge, good quality content on the internet.Thirdly, the negative experience people had with various operators are another barrier for the Pay-TV market to grow.