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08 Oct

People say, "do WWE and the rest falls into place," and that isn't actually true because WWE is different to NJPW which in turn is different to CMLL so a lot of work has gone into all of these and not just WWE.

I've treated each promotion as it's own separate entity, all the while trying to balance it into the world.

You can also follow RWC on Twitter, @Fleisch_RWC which will be updated as and when updates for Chronicles are released. It was meant to add an extra layer to the data that I hadn't really seen done before. A: Simply put, I know a big fat nothing when it comes to Australian wrestling and I've not found any one who is able to work on it for me who does know.

============================================Real World Chronicles makes a change in scheduled releases going from once a month, to once every three months. : AAW: Professional Wrestling Redefined Absolute Intense Wrestling All Japan Pro-Wrestling Alpha-1 Wrestling Asistencia Asesoria Y Administracion ATTACK!

" Indeed there will, starting with one of the bigger changes, the exodus from Gotham Pro Wrestling by The Joker and Harley Quinn who have now set up "Joker's Funhouse" that will be full of villains!

Originally made on EWR before making an appearance on TEW 2004, Diablo X (at the time called Diablo Kombat) was the first solo mod I ever worked on. If I am using something that is yours and you would prefer I didn't, let me know and I will replace it.

Title histories are done by I listen to people who give polite, constructive criticism, and change things people find wrong, or explain my reasons for giving certain stats to certain people. A: Currently I am not taking any requests as I have limitations on my time.

If a promotion you want isn't in the data, it's purely because I don't know enough about it to do it justice and not because I can't be bothered. Q: I notice there are inactive promotions such as WCW and ECW in the data. A: Chronicles started out as a mod that would highlight the past as well as the present.

blaustein has released one of the best picture packs I have seen in a very long while.

Although it does not contain everyone in Real World Chronicles, it is worth the download and just replace any pictures in my pack with those done in this pack.============================================ A couple of things to remember, we're making a world, not the WWE Universe.