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27 Aug

There have been three waves of migration of Hindus in the United Kingdom.

The first wave was before India's independence in 1947.

South Asian ethnic groups mostly originate from a few select places in South Asia, these are known as place of origins.

Immigration of small numbers of South Asians to England began with the arrival of the East India Company to the Indian subcontinent in the 17th century.

Indians came to Britain, for educational or economic reasons, during the British Raj, with most returning to India after a few months or years, and in greater numbers as the Indian independence movement led to the partition of 1947, eventually creating the separate countries of India, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka.

In the early 1950s the Conservative Health Minister, Enoch Powell recruited a large number of doctors from the Indian sub-continent.

The second wave occurred in the 1970s mainly from East Africa.