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01 Nov

But looking at the miserable thing lying there, Anna realized a change of plan was needed.

"Try to run the next interval a couple of seconds more slowly. I always have long arguments with her over that." "I can imagine," Anna laughed. You're just being nice." Anita's shirt was glued to her body. "Ok, girls, I'm off, my bitchy ex-wife finally let me spend a weekend with my son. " "Going on a boat trip to T√łnsberg with my boyfriend," Anita muttered, still struggling to get her strength back. "I know he's checking out our asses when we're training, but can you blame him?

Anna placed her hands on her friend's sweaty ass cheeks and spread them wide for Mona.

Although she couldn't see exactly what was happening, studying Anita's face and sounds gave her a second-to-second update of the whereabouts of Mona's tongue. Aaah." The unbelievably beautiful Norwegian moaned hard into Anna's face as Mona's tongue was working overtime between her buttocks.

Anna just hoped the plan wouldn't backfire and that Anita would pass out from exhaustion or something when they went down on her. Lagging behind Mona a little on a session like this gives you a perfect view of her ass." "Come on, Anna, like that's gonna help! "It's hardly a secret which pair of buttocks have Anita salivating like a starving dog.

Hint: Their owner is from Eastern Europe." Anita looked very disconcerted, her eyes flickering.