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19 Oct

), it’s important to remember that inspiration can be found everywhere in bella Roma – especially ever-so-slightly off the beaten track.

Even on the 45-minute shuttle transfer from Fiumicino Airport to Rome there are countless sites of interest that most visitors don’t get to see. Ask your driver for some local tips and you might just be surprised at how many “other” roads lead to the historical heart Rome…

There’s more to this little island than sun and sand, however; if you can time your holiday to coincide with any of the festivals below, you’ll experience some of this island’s vibrant culture and ancient traditions. The celebrations begin on the Sunday before the 24 of June, where a man dressed in sheepskin and carrying an immaculately bathed and groomed one-year-old lamb walks barefoot (accompanied by a few other people) through the town in order to invite Ciutadella’s residents to the upcoming celebrations.While perhaps not as impressive architecturally as St Peter’s, it is in fact the oldest of the city’s basilicas, dating back to the fourth century, and ranks above all others in the Roman Catholic Church.(Holy Stairs), which Jesus is said to have climbed on the way to his trial before Pontius Pilate.It’s worth a visit not just for the fun but also for posterity – well, at least that’s what you can tell yourself.When it opened in 1953 as part of the Agricultural Fair, its popularity with locals saw it evolve into a permanent fixture for nearly five decades.The 28 stairs represent a major Christian pilgrimage site, but even if you have no religious inclination they are an important and beautiful place to visit.The stairs can only be climbed in a kneeling position and the act is seen as one of holy devotion, although there is a parallel set of stairs that can be used if your knees aren’t up to the job.While it’s simply one of the medieval proverbs that have made their way into our modern vernacular, when you arrive in Italy it’s actually quite easy to believe that all roads really do lead to Rome – and if they don’t, they should!History has painted from a palette of three millennia of glorious art and culture to create a masterpiece of magnificent proportions.Your transfer journey from Fiumicino Airport to Rome is the perfect time to discover some of the city’s lesser-known cultural and historical gems.Keep your eyes peeled along the route and ask your friendly driver for his or her best local tips.