Ultimate collection of dating books

10 Sep

I started this review laughing because I finished this book and forgot I'd finished it 10 minutes later. I tried letting my feelings on Whedon's take on the MCU films aside to read this. (Who is even worse.) Reading the whole story arc, however, I quite quite liked it.

He's definitely not my favorite person when it comes to Marvel products but I like Firefly and Serenity and I like X-men, so I have this a shot. I can see why Scott and Emma would get together (they are both hot and the only ones who reliably act like adults), I liked what was happening with the school.

The first twenty-four issues and the giant sized issue of I just got the second volume of the Astonishing X-Men hardcover series that collects Joss Whedon’s and John Cassaday’s entire twenty-five issue run on the title that I thought I’d read again the first volume that I bought a few years back.

Also, the whole tone of the book couldn’t be more different than that of Morrison’s.

Ever since his cult classic Buffy the Vampire Slayer movie he has been known for his strong female characters.

Reading his Kitty Pryde, I can’t help but imagine her as his Buffy analogue, especially her interaction with Emma Frost.

Morrison’s run was definitely quite a disjointed read, where a brilliant story arc might immediately precede a not so good one.

And it also suffered from rotating artists of varying quality (from great to awful), which wouldn’t have been so bad if they had changed per arc, but often changed per issue instead. I think the fact that I picked this up and put it down so many times in the last week and a half says a lot about my opinion of this book. Whedon's zingers and one liners are sprinkled throughout and they make for some great I-laughed-out-loud panels (my favourite being Logan's internal monologue consisting of "I really like beer").