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11 Feb

We’ve used this brick veneer product as well, and love it! I’m wanting to find a way to try this product out now, too! But there have been a TON of black fireplaces cropping up recently, too. She also stripped and refinished this gorgeous wood mantel and talks about that process as well.Sarah has written a detailed tutorial on the installation. Less expensive than brick tiles are faux brick panels, but many people don’t know about this product, or choose not to use this option because the “brick” looks fake…which is true. But Angela spruced it up with an awesome paint technique, and I’m now a believer in this option for brick lovers on a budget!

Good tips for dealing with brick that is far from ideal.

Use a rag and your chosen cleaning solution to thoroughly wash all the bricks.

Pay special attention to the area around the fireplace opening where soot tends to be the most prevalent. Tape off the area around the walls, the glass on the fireplace and the mantle if it will be painted a different color.

Some good thoughts here on painting exterior brick.

Julie’s brother did a german wash on his exterior brick. Limewashing is a beautiful technique as well, but the ingredients used are different than those of other techniques. Got some brassy or otherwise outdated metal or faux metal accents on your wood stove or firebox?