Updating epg

25 Feb

As it's not supported in web OS natively, when you use alternative audio track, the app will select the old video mode to change the audio track. You can now change the EPG Text color in the settings of the Application.

Also in web OS, when you use alternative track for video files, the selected language subtitles will be turned on if the video file contains multiple subtitle tracks. Hold the arrow buttons pressed for quicker rotation of available colors, you can also press and hold the P /P- keys on your general remote control. It's now possible to select if you want to keep the playlist (or external link) on server or not.

In TV menu there should be an option to install firmware from USB.

The application is now available on Amazon Fire TV devices.

In test mode it's now possible to set the timer for any specific programme.

By accessing the ‘Channel’ menu, you are able to search for new television and radio channels by specifying the target root and selecting the reception type along with the transponder list.Please check the application Support section for Frequently Asked Questions. The official application Facebook page will be published again, when there are important updates available. ) has removed Smart IPTV application from Italian Samsung Apps Store as a "measure" to fight piracy.Please check Samsung guide for a possible workaround to install the App.The main window of DVB Viewer Pro is intuitive and user-friendly.All the menus are well-organized, allowing you to access all its features and options effortlessly.You can manually install the latest app version using direct APK download link in Downloader app (Browser mode) on Fire TV if you want to have it updated.You can also try using this guide to sideload APKs.Check the most Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) and see the answer for it.All e-mails with requests for free IPTV channel packages will be ignored and not answered. You can decrease the Buffer size in app's settings to increase channel zapping speed.The ‘DVBViewer’ menu allows you to view ongoing recordings, manage the current playlist and open the available DVD disk in order to play it.After selecting the video you are interested in and making sure that your computer meets all the hardware requirements, the application will automatically display the requested content.