Updating group policy on windows 2016

04 Nov

The preferred deployment method does not include a GUI (Figure 2).

After that, close any Group Policy that you may be editing and Group Policy Management Editor, open it again and at this time we should see the new features/components on the list.When the console loads, select the Add / Remove Snap-In command from the File menu.When you do, Windows will present you with a list of snap-ins.The instalation process is straight forward, accept default values on most of the page of the wizard, however use a simple folder name on the Select Installation Folder because we just need to grab those files to update our Policy Definitions folder.Time to upgrade, first select all files from the folder that was created during the installation, and select the language folder as well, in my case just the English language (en-us), right-click and then Copy.If we look in a Domain Controller the path of the share is C:\Windows\SYSVOL\sysvol\domain.local|Policies\Policy Definitions as shown in the image below. Now, let’s expand Windows Components on any Group Policy, in our case we want to change something on Microsoft Edge and as you can see there is no such option underneath Windows Components, and the reason is that the current admx files are not up to date.A list of all admx files and the language associate to them is stored on that location. The first step is to download the latest administrative templates (admx) for Windows 10 from the following link: https:// The current download allows the administrator do download the first version of Windows 10 and the newest version available (1511).If you want to manage group policy remotely then you will need to have at least one server that has the management tools installed.From this server, enter the MMC command at the server's command prompt.The Server Manager, for example, includes a link to the Local Security Policy, but not to domain-based group policies.If you want to access the user and the computer portion of the local security policy, you will need to switch to the Command Prompt window and navigate to C:\%systemroot%\system32 and then enter the GPEDIT. For deployments that do not include local management tools, you will have to either manage the group policies remotely or use Power Shell.