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16 Dec

We will be discussing the general or most commonly used file extensions which are the ones to be concerned about in everyday use, These are listed below.

If you need information explaining extension that we have not covered here then download this file covering every known extension available.

If the image is interlaced, the user will be able to decide if the image is one they like before half of the download is complete.

If the user does not like the image, the download can be aborted.

As you become more familiar with a program you decide to use, you will find in some cases that a particular setting may suit you better as time goes on.

As with all programs, setting your preferences is a priority.

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See your Windows manual about using BMP files as wallpaper.) Windows uses a fixed color palette for BMP files which cannot be changed, as doing so would make the screen and border colors change too.This will allow the user to get a good idea of what the image will look like before even half of the image is decoded.Most of today's communication programs (for BBS and the Internet) allow the user to download GIF files and view them as they are downloaded.By defining the file format it may be possible to determine the number of bits per pixel and additional information.We could talk for days about graphic file extensions, but we are not.GIF - version 87a Interlaced supports 1, 4, 8 bits per pixel.GIF - version 89a Non-Interlaced supports 1, 4, 8 bits per pixel.The compression is accomplished by using the LZW method for indexed color tables. Both versions may use an encoding method referred to as interlacing.When an image is saved by using four passes instead of just one, it is called interlacing.Each file format will have a reference to the number of "bits per pixel" that the format is capable of supporting.= Represents the most used and common basic Extensions = Represents the best internet transferable type Extensions.For example; sending Pictures in emails or through IM's. GIF files are always solid color type files, Example; Banners, Text only, Animated Files, Under 256 color Files. JPG files are always continuous tone type files, Example; Photos, Blends, Grads, Over 256 color files.