Updating imac

21 Feb

Rumors of an i Mac redesign have been swirling since a post on Reddit, apparently by a ‘Foxconn Insider’ who worked for the company that builds the devices for Apple, claimed there would be an update to the i Mac and its peripherals.

Color-wise, the aluminum design of the i Mac has been a staple since 2007, so we wouldn’t mind seeing another color option with the i Mac 2018 – perhaps a Space Gray version, like the i Mac Pro?

Of course, the i Mac comes in various configurations (and prices) to suit your needs.

updating imac-86updating imac-81updating imac-69

Whilst we’re getting ideas from other Apple devices, there’s a few things we’d like to see from the i Phone and Mac Book appear in the i Mac 2018.

Also, we’ve been very impressed by the Face ID technology of the i Phone X, so if Apple is thinking of upgrading the Face Time camera on the i Mac 2018, we’d love to see this included, so we could unlock our new i Mac with just a glance.

We’d love to see the i Mac 2018 toting some of the very latest, and best, components when it’s revealed to the world.

Even better for photographers and filmmakers is if Apple allowed UHS-II SD card support, thereby streamlining the post-production process.

The i Mac Pro also features some clever cooling technology to help reduce the heat of the components, again allowing for a thinner design without noisy fans, and we’d love to see that in the i Mac 2018 as well.