Updating maps for garmin

27 Sep

Anyone who owns a Nuvi GPS or Zumo (the motorcycle GPS model) should aim to check for free Garmin GPS maps.Having the latest mapping and routing is essential because each and every day there are new roads being built, new junctions appearing, business are changing addresses, and many other changes on the nation’s roads; all of which necessitate you having the latest routes and directions available.Pay attention to the "Number of 1000x1000 maps" number to see how many tiles it takes to cover the current map view with the tileset you have selected.If over 100, you will either need to select a larger scale tileset (e.g.

If your GPS is connected to your computer, and you have a "Custom Maps" directory on your GPS, Topo Fusion will find it and the "save as..." dialog will start in that directory. KMZ exports anywhere on your hard drive, for future reference or backup. That includes 24k topos and high res color aerials for most of the country.

If you’ve reached my independent advice website then you are probably the owner of a Nuvi GPS sat nav device and are asking yourself whether you can update Garmin maps for free.

The answer to that common question is yes, you can.

KMZ files placed in the [GPS drive]:\Garmin\Custom Maps directory will show up on the GPS.

There are two ways to export maps -- tiled and untiled.