Updating maps on tomtom go 920

28 Jan

I write these reviews because I’m inherently a curious person with a technology background, and thus I try and be as complete as I can.

But, if I’ve missed something or if you spot something that doesn’t quite jive – just let me know and I’ll be happy to get it all sorted out.

However, neither the Fenix1 nor the Tactix will get the Fenix2-only features like swimming, multisport or power meter support.

Expect to see Garmin cease manufacturing of those units by summer.

In fact, outside of multisport mode, power meter support (cycling), and swimming support – the Fenix1 gains almost all the features of the Fenix2.Inside the box splits into three pieces, two of which contain the goods. If you dump out the contents of those two boxes to the left, you’ll see the below.Note that the non-bundle version does not contain the heart rate strap (the two left pieces).You’ll use these two little incredibly sharp screwdrivers to remove the pins. The clip snaps onto the back, thus it would be able to pass the ‘ceiling fan’ test, which tests whether or not the charging clip is strongly enough attached to the Fenix2 to tie one end to a ceiling fan and turn it on.Aside from being fun, the more practical implication of this is that you can charge it on the go, without worrying about a finicky connection.She found it heavy for her, but I pretty much said the same thing when I wore it initially.She hasn’t spent any time running with it though, nor getting used to it.Even things like mobile phone uploads and satellite pre-caching.These features were introduced in beta recently, and will ultimately be brought to full production status on those units as well.Also, it’s cheaper to buy the bundle than the two separately (usually, it’s a wash price-wise). This can be used with the screws and pieces seen below to replace the plastic strap. If you’re a past Fenix/Tactix user, you’ll notice a few changes up front. This (in my opinion) makes the flow much cleaner, and much easier to navigate. Second, you’ll notice the display is ‘inverted’, which means its white text on black background. The reason the Fenix2 (and most other well waterproofed watches) use contacts like these to charge versus using a standard micro-USB or mini-USB port is for waterproofing purposes. The cable can be used both to charge the unit, as well as to transfer workouts/tracks/routes/waypoints/maps/etc…This is useful because it goes quite a bit larger, enabling you to place it over ski coats and the like. Garmin provides apps for PC and Mac, but the device enumerates as a standard USB mass storage device, so that functionality will work fine on other operating systems like Linux.