Updating older versions of sun virtualbox

05 Dec

It makes a difference: The version of VBox in the Min18 repository is: 5.0.36 The current version of VBox from Oracle is: 5.1.20 As altair4 hinted, if using an older Virtual Box version, download 5.1.20 direct from Oracle's website (you'll need the Xenal version for your CPU type).

Once installed, if still no go, try booting with 3D acceleration disabled/enabling, make sure 2D acceleration is enabled.

I already had "3D Acceleration" (under "Display") turned off as it seems to get mixed up sometimes with Firefox on my machine (perhaps because I've forced hardware acceleration?

), so all trials here had "3D-Acceleration" turned off.

Virtual Box is my favorite free, cross-platform, desktop-level virtualization product. I've used everything else and still, Virtual Box (VB) is my chosen desktop virtualization software.

Although VB isn't perfect, it's the best solution I have. Other than simple brags of its coolness, here is a lengthy but incomplete list of VB's hard facts and features. That is to say that it is virtualization host software that runs as an application on an established operating system.

enable efi, disable PAE/NX, set paravirtualization to none..... Aside: Btw, this "Feature Update" for Windoze reactivates/reinstall Microsoft's One Drive, Cortana, anti-privacy features, and other bloat-ware stuff.

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It is, therefore, affected by multiple vulnerabilities as noted in the January 2018 Critical Patch Update advisory.With 1703 (creators update edition) i only get the MS WIN logo with no circle going round and round, all the Virtual Box settings were the same as with the previous builds.Note that the same works fine in Virtual Box under Windows. some new change with the way that the World of Windows is working .. I'd the same sort of issue, when win-10 1st came out, & it took several days to figure out what was going on.Playing with the "Paravirtualisation Interface" finally got Win10-1703 working on Virtualbox 5 by selecting "None" with "Enable VT-x/AMD-V".After booting up once it appears the "Paravirtualisation Interface" setting becomes less important. My Windows 10 VM stopped booting after updating to V 1703.Currently I have it set to "Default" again and Win10 boots in Virtualbox 5 OK. Host PC is as follows: Kernel: 4.8.0-53-generic x86_64 (64 bit) Desktop: Xfce 4.12.3 Distro: Linux Mint 18.2 Sonya After changing Para Virtualisation as per PCAdvisor UK, it is now all good.In the short time since I've had to repeat this procedure once, so it may not be 100% stable. Thanks Guys fnerkyboy This happened again after the recent "Feature Update to Windows 10, version 1703" i.e. Turning Paravirtualisation to "none" allowed booting, as described in my posting above.Alternatively, a Type 1 hypervisor is host software that runs on what's now known as "bare metal," a term that means onto a computer without an operating system.Type 1 hypervisors examples are Hyper-V, ESX/ESXi, Xen, Xen Server, KVM and Open VZ.The following article gives reason to believe 1703 isn't mature enough yet ... (LM18.1-64bit MATE is host on this machine.)After automatically updating (grrrr...) from Win10-1607 to Win10-1703 on Virtualbox Version 5 immediately Win10 wouldn't boot anymore.Since this is on my production machine I played a bit with it.