Updating prius gps

31 Jan

Please refer to FAQs for the limitations of the application.

Many new Toyota vehicles now include built-in GPS navigation systems, either standard or as optional features.

Without Map-Updates, you can waste the few extra minutes that would have enabled you to arrive on time. You will know how to get there, and where to stop along the way.

With fresh maps, you will be able to find the nearest hotel, a cash machine, golf course, or a choice of restaurants, whatever makes your travel more convenient, enjoyable and efficient. They make sure you have the last information when you need it the most: when the road is closed and you need a safe detour, when you need to find the closest fuel station, hospital or police station.

I replaced the DVD with another I found in my collection and it seems to work again.

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While such activities could certainly be distracting to the driver, there is zero safety issue with the entering destinations, etc. One was to install a switch to open the path from I think the wheel sensors that let the GPS know the car is moving.

While that mostly worked, I came across a more elegant and effective trick. So – do I want the new maps I’d just paid dearly for or do I want the override capability?

By alternately pressing two invisible buttons (top, bottom, top, bottom), you get an undocumented screen on which a long touch will override the GPS motion-lockout. Bless the Prius hacking community’s heart, you can have both.

It only works until you start the car again, but the only down side is that the navigator grumbles a little before entering the destination. By reauthoring a new DVD with most of the stuff from the new factory DVD, but I think one file (LOADING.

KWI) from the old DVD, you keep the old software but get the new maps.