Updating satellite orbit data suunto

02 Feb

They weigh 1.25kg compared to the 0.15kg of a Garmin e Trex 20.The extra weight buys you more ruggedness and greater accuracy, as well as anti-jamming capabilities.If you or your family members are rescued, you’ll usually be asked at some point if you do have something that incurs CORSAR, or if not, perhaps you purchased the CORSAR card, which also enables the reimbursement system?If you use the Colorado backcountry, and do not have default CORSAR due to hunting, fishing, or ATV licensing, you can purchase a CORSAR card here.I don’t know Greg personally, but am nonetheless delighted that he’s OK.As to blog fodder in this, speaking to all of us who end up solo in the backcountry now and then (including myself), please consider carrying a two-way communication device such as an in Reach or full blown satphone.The middle shows the GPS satellite constellation and in this “simulation” mode, it’s showing good signal strength from all satellites, which is not a real world occurrence!

You can’t use them to navigate (which should be obvious from the second you see one).

A variable error is added each 24 hour period, meaning that positional accuracy will be perhaps three meters one day, two the next, and somewhere in between the day after that. Certain high-technology civilian GPS solutions (like differential GPS) can correct for this error, but it’s impractical (and not really necessary) for hiking purposes.

After all, if you can’t find something within a few meters of where you are, you probably have other, more pressing problems.

Apparently Greg became disoriented and did the ol’ “went west, should have gone east” routine.

Doing so bought him an epic trek out of the mountains that many of us who know the routes were amazed he accomplished — especially considering he spent the night out with no overnight gear. Though “lost” he did the smart thing in getting himself out as a “self rescue.” Hugging a tree and waiting for help would probably have resulted in death by exposure.