Updating seagate firmware on a mac

26 Jan

The online chat guy sent me a link later, and I'm waiting for the replacement drive to come.

The first was an OEM purchased Jan '08 from OWC for my then new Mac Pro dual 2.8 Quad Core.(he later wrote) I now find myself thinking maybe I should buy drives to replace these.

updating seagate firmware on a mac-45updating seagate firmware on a mac-76

I dowload, and get a file that ends with the suffix ...

BUT the computer than asks what program I want to use to open such a file. So I wonder if I should have selected INTELX64, and downloaded this file. THE ISSUE AND MY QUESTIONS: I assumed that the file would open and install just like other installation/upgrade files do. (a) What are the correct choices when making the download (computer vs NAS, Intel vs Arm)?

(b) If I am to use the file, how do I get this file to open and install?

Drive info below (per S/N check is an "affected" drive): Capacity: 931.51 GB (1TB model) Model: ST31000340AS Revision: SD15 (firmware version) Serial Number: 9QJ0VZ1P Native Command Queuing: Yes Queue Depth: 32 Bay Name: "Bay 1" Partition Map Type: GPT (GUID Partition Table) S.

If any other reader with a 2009 Mac Pro tries updating their Seagate HD firmware, let me know if you have better luck or not.