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15 Dec

Since our project relates to SQL files, just select the General Project type. Figure 82: Naming the new project We're now prompted to enter a name for our project.

Keeping with the same names we've been using thus far, give the project the name SQL Files and select the location.

Start this process by right-clicking the trunk folder and pressing Checkout.

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Figure 68: Adding the Subclipse update site In the modal window that appears, enter a name for the update site (Subclipse 1.2.x) and the update URL ( Figure 69: Selecting the version of Subclipse to install A new Subclipse site should be listed in the Updates window and it should be checked.

Figure 79: Checking out the repository to a local working copy In order to begin working with the repository we must create a local working copy.

In the next few steps we'll direct Subclipse to create a new Eclipse project that points to the trunk folder of our sample SQL repository.

Figure 73: Restarting the workbench In order to finish the installation of Subclipse you should restart the Eclipse workbench. Figure 74: Verify the installation of Subclipse To verify Subclipse was installed successfully open the perspectives window using Figure 74 as a guide.

Figure 75: SVN Repository Exploring Subclipse is installed and available if the SVN Repository Exploring perspective is listed.