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30 Dec

I ran debug to verify that the hold object "this Hold" is updating the values that are being changed in the form. But when I view the values of the db object after the submit happens, I see it is unchanged, same in the physical database. You can run transformations manually one-by-one or edit the folder of the EPi Server. If you use the -Verbose switch with the cmdlets in Visual Studio, such as Update-EPi Database -Verbose:$true, you can see the actual command line parameters sent to , and then applies it to the database specified in the connection string EPi Server DB.If you add the -d true switch, it also prints additional debug information which can be useful in troubleshooting scenarios.The database schema transformation files are also included as embedded resources in the assemblies to allow for automatic updates from versions EPi Server. If the database version is lower than the assembly version and automatic updates are enabled, it applies the sql schema updates (they are packed as embedded resources in the assembly).

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If unsure, note the Server name listed in an error message, or in the program itself.Run without any parameters to see a full description of all options available.With any update to the Program Version (x), or major version (y), there is also an update to the underlying Database. If the database "lives" on the same machine as the Food Processor program itself, the installation of the update itself should update the database automatically.When automatic schema updates are not enabled, then database schema changes can be deployed using the following steps: Note: Although best practice is re-deploying configuration files to get the latest schema changes, it is also possible to run configuration transforms directly on a production configuration; use Export-EPi Updates -Action sql,config to generate commands that execute both database and configuration transforms.Be aware that other changes made by Nu Get, such as assembly redirects, are not applied so some manual steps are required unless you add custom transforms yourself.Members of the db_owner fixed database role can perform all configuration and maintenance activities on the database, including schema changes.The recommended approach is that you re-deploy the whole site with updated files (including configuration files).If the database resides elsewhere (or you perform a Client Only -type installation), you may need to manually update the database.To manually update the database, you can do so with either Database Utility if you've installed it as part of the 'Network' install of Food Processor, or SQL Server Management Studio.The method below that updates the database is called Update Hold(). This instance of the object uses the second constructor.