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29 Aug

But web analytics tools contain too much data and end up being useless to the business owner as they can’t get the information they need.A well designed dashboard meets this need (automated so minimal resources are required to update).Let's look at some Excel NOW function examples and explore how to use the NOW function as a worksheet function in Microsoft Excel: The spreadsheet will continue to display this value, until the worksheet recalculates.When using Excel to display data in real- time, you may find it useful to also automatically update a chart in Excel.#Measure Bowling #measurecamp Adobe Analytics Adobe Summit Analytics Guide Analytics Summit Aussie Web Analyst Awards Conference configuration Content Conversion Thursday Custom Reports DA Hub Digital Analysts Digital Analytics Ecommerce emetrics Events Excel Excel Tools Feature Request Google Analytics Google Tag Manager i Live implementation jobs KPIs L3 Analytics marketing Maturity Measure Fest optimisation Organic Search Predictions Problems Product Camp Publishers Regular Expressions Reporting Social Media Week Superweek Tips Tracking WACamp *** Update – This blog post is the original article releasing the first Free Excel Dashboard Template now called ‘Performance Dashboard’.Downloaded thousands of times, this Free Dashboard has become very popular since its release in May 2011 but we have now updated it to fix few bugs and we also provide 2 additional Free Dashboard Templates – click here to check them out *** Dashboards are a much maligned tool in web analytics.Up to 12 metrics can be included within each dashboard and these metrics can be analysed using the three basic techniques of data analysis: My dashboards follow a basic structure and layout that I have evolved over the past five years.They consist of sets of metrics displaying performance for a current period referenced against a comparison number.

You can get round this by using Excel's Count A and Offset functions.

Once this is done, the button is pressed to set-up the dashboard automatically using a macro.

Following the completion of the set-up, unnecessary worksheets can be deleted.

Business owners need information to make decisions.

Some of them want to view data, not just be told what the data means and what their decision should be.