Updating time zone

10 Feb

Use this method to update specific columns in the target table instead of overwriting entire rows.This method takes longer than the previous method because it requires an extra update step.

Use this method if all of the following are true: If any of these criteria do not apply, use Merge Method 2: Specifying a column list, described in the following section., command to update a table from a single data source, you can perform a merge operation by creating a staging table and then using one of the methods described in this section to update the target table from the staging table.Note You should run the entire merge operation, except for creating and dropping the temporary staging table, in a single transaction so that the transaction will roll back if any step fails.Using a single transaction also reduces the number of commits, which saves time and resources.If you are overwriting all of the columns in the target table, the fastest method for performing a merge is by replacing the existing rows because it scans the target table only once, by using an inner join to delete rows that will be updated.If you know what the UTC is, no matter what time of the year it is, you can always know you're just seven hours behind in Arizona.Businesses conduct transactions across different time zones.Whether you're visiting Phoenix or Flagstaff, knowing how you'll need to reset your watch when you arrive in Arizona will help you stay on time during your trip.However, keep in mind that if you're visiting the southern Navajo Nation, it does observe Daylight Savings Time.Although Daylight Saving Time was established by federal law in 1966 with the passage of the Uniform Time Act, a state or area may choose not to observe it.However, it must always observe DST at the same time as the rest of the United States if it does choose to observe this time change.