Updating tweetdeck blank window

26 Aug

However, just like with many other new operating systems, there are always going to be some bugs and issues.

One of the more annoying issues is blank screen after Windows 10 update, but luckily there are few solutions that you can try out.

Safari users can bring up the Web Inspector and enable debugging on the Scripts tab before pasting the above line in the cursor.

Other browsers may or may not provide relevant information in their Developer modes, so be sure to use Chrome or Safari for maximum compatibility.

Ensure that your account is not compromised by resetting your password as described above. If all else fails and you are still not able to login to Tweet Deck, you can try contacting Twitter Support.

Twitter Support might request additional data from you, so it helps to keep the following information handy – A new window will open which will bring up some information logs which Twitter Support might request for when troubleshooting a problem.

Today’s update also includes new keyboard shortcuts.Users report that this issue is caused by faulty driver downloaded by Windows Update, and in order to fix this, you first need to disable automatic update for your display driver, uninstall it and download the latest version.To disable driver download from Windows update do this: We have to notice that this might not permanently disable driver updates and users have reported various success rates with this method.This works for the first 9 columns, which are generally the most used columns.Also pressing “0” will move the display to show the far right column, a handy shortcut for those with a large number of columns.An important function for Tweet Deck is to display large numbers of Tweets in a big window, usually your entire display.However, we recognize some users also enjoy using Tweet Deck as a background application on a single desktop as well.If you have managed to get passed the blank screen by following the previous solution you might want to try disabling Fast Startup.This sounds like an obscure solution, but users have reported that it’s helpful so it’s worth trying out.Most of these issues can be fixed by simply logging out, clearing the browser cache and logging back in again if you are accessing via a browser or simply by restarting or updating the Tweet Deck client, if using an app.If you have trouble logging in to Tweet Deck, try logging into the Twitter web client first to ensure that the account is active and the login credentials are correct.