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10 Nov

For further information about check-updates.pl, please consult the manual page.Manually Updating the Virus Signature Files The virus signature files are stored in two files.On one hand the virus signature files for Application/Script viruses and Trojans, called and sign2

I found one of my database servers was about 5 minutes behind the correct time.I have used a logitech mouse with my Surface Pro but I've never installed any of the logitech software so I don't know why it's requesting that file.Hence my previous comment about it being the wrong solution conceptually.In that case, both copies of the file will be in the archive, and the file added later will override the earlier one.The command to use for this is Which is probably not what you want to hear, since it means rewriting the entire archive twice over.Please note that as most users set the updater to check for and download new virus signature files on the hour (e.g. or ) you can optimise your download speed by setting the updater starting time to any number of minutes past the hour (e.g. In this way you avoid the heaviest download traffic.The log files can give you more specific information - they can be explored with the ‘cat’ command, or a text editor like gedit.Some searching and troubleshooting may be necessary to get the correct version of a package installed.This course will establish the foundation for more advanced Linux topics. A: If you look at the specified log file (and another log file it may refer you to, /var/log/vboxadd-install.log), you'll see a more specific error message.Often, the error will be "Error: Unable to find the sources of your current Linux kernel".