Updating xo laptop

28 Dec

If your laptop is unlocked, see Firmware for upgrade instructions.The release notes for recent OLPC OS releases include appropriate upgrading instructions.A kit includes all the parts needed to upgrade a particular laptop model.In addition to a motherboard (if XO-4 with an internal connector missing) this generally includes a new heat spreader, a WLAN card (if needed), and conductive foam/tape as needed to improve the ESD shielding of the earlier chassis.

To upgrade your firmware automatically, please upgrade the operating system.

Your feedback is important for us to support you and offer the best experience with the XO devices: problem reports and suggestions are greatly appreciated!

Warning: This will erase all the existing files on the laptop: make sure you backup important items first!

This tutorial will help you upgrade your XO-duo to our Android based XO-system 2 OS.

Please note that you need to do the first three steps on your PC or Mac This means that you will be able to try new features.