Updating zones files named via commandline

02 Sep

But some options won't work this way, especially these starting with a ? Try to put them into the section [Server Settings] of the Game User (for the location of this file see Configuration Files).

Path; "\Shooter Game\Binaries\Win64\" "/Shooter Game/Binaries/Linux/". You will need to restart your server, if you add new lines to the file while it is running.Lots of detailed sky features are disabled, such as clouds and starry night sky.This decreases all of those but you can still have them. This just helps you remove the sparkling stars that make you sightless at night Reduced client game memory usage by about 600 MB system and 600 MB GPU RAM! This could potentially have a small runtime performance impact, so to use the old method (more RAM usage but no potential performance loss), launch with -nomemorybias You can launch an autodestroy enabled server with this opion to prevent any non-core/non-foundation structures from autodestroying (however they'll still get autodestroyed if a floor that they're on gets autodestroyed, of course). Introduced in patch 245.989 In both Single Player and Non-Dedicated Servers creatures in inactive zones are in hibernation instead of in stasis.Server options are specified in the section labeled , which is usually located at the bottom of the file.The file is used for more advanced modifications, such as changing engram points or XP rewarded per level, disabling specific content, or rebalancing depending on player tastes.Need to manually open ports 7777 & 7778 if you do so in order for your server to accept connections.Introduced in patch 213.0 option for b Raw Sockets servers to only utilize a single thread for networking (useful to improve performance for machines with more servers than cpu cores, on Linux in particular)Introduced in patch 271.15 seems to be deprecated with patch 271.17 Activate a whitelist only mode on the server that only lets players join if added to the allow list.For example, to launch a server that: On Windows, quotation marks (") are used to ensure the command shell does not attempt to interpret any options itself. (question mark) are appended directly one after another, options starting with a - (dash) have to be noted separately.These are the options of the server launch command. For Single Player: Right click in your Steam client on the game's name in the Library, choose Properties, tab General, button "Set Launch Options...", enter the options.For all supported platforms, options are listed one per line using the same basic syntax: All options in the configuration file require a value.If an option is not listed in the configuration file, its default value is used automatically.