Updating zserver dyndns

03 Mar

The solution is to use the dynamic-gateway command in the CLI.Say for example you already have four static routes, and you have a PPPo E connection over the wan2 interface and you want to use that as your default route.To solve this problem there are dynamic DNS (DDNS) servers.

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The IP address never changes or changes only rarely so the DNS server can reliably say it has the correct address for that domain all the time.

You can use it to help troubleshoot connection problems.

VPN over dynamic DNS can be configured with either route-based or policy-based VPN settings.

To avoid this, the remote peer must perform a DNS lookup for the domain name of to be sure of the dynamic IP address before initiating the connection.

When configuring the Phase 1 entry for a VPN tunnel, the Remote Gateway determines the addressing method the remote end of the tunnel uses as one of Static IP Address, Dialup User, or Dynamic DNS. When you select the Dynamic DNS VPN type there is a related field called Dynamic DNS.