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In contrast in Sussex, Surrey and Radnorshire the early churches, while still favouring river banks, but not located in the upper reaches.Only in the valleys of the Thames and other large rivers are these early churches predominately situated at confluences.Knowing Your Guardians provides advice and inspiration to help understand the various ways of thinking about protective guardians.Beatrice Walditch mostly explores the traditional 'spirits of place' in Britain, although also shows how similar ideas and concepts are found elsewhere in Europe and beyond.These books will challenge you to recognise the traditional magic still alive in modern society, and empower you with a variety of skills and insights.In Everything is Change Beatrice Walditch shows how contemporary ideas of an ever-emergent cosmos are also part of the traditional worldview in places as far apart as Greece and China.

is the fifth book in the Living in a Magical World series.First published January 2012; substantially revised January 2016. In the process this study sheds light on the way these motifs would have been understood by people at the time which is not necessarily how such imagery came to be regarded a few centuries later.As none of the wooden have survived there is, clearly, considerable speculation involved.First published September 2013; substantially revised January 2016. Modern Western ideas about souls, spirits and deities are seemingly materialistic and rational.Yet, when looked at closely, these seemingly-secular ideas rather too clearly betray their origins in Christian doctrines.By looking closely at ethnographical parallels together with recent 'Dark Age' scholarship Bob Trubshaw starts to strip away these more recent ideas.This begins to reveal how pre-Christian Anglo-Saxons might have thought about the differences between souls and spirits – and the similarities of spirits and deities. More especially, this study aims to establish what the meaning and significance of these carvings might have been, based in large part on evidence from early Christian stone crosses.This is the second book in the Living in a Magical World series.teaches you to 'listen' with all your senses to revered places.She shows how these guardians have long been thought to have a 'potency' or 'luck'.The final sections of the book explain how to make amulets and 'charge' them so that they act as personal guardians.