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26 Feb

The specifications are now maintained by the W3C XML Core Working Group.Tools · Usage · Resources · Specifications and Development XML Schemas express shared vocabularies and allow machines to carry out rules made by do you use the Xml Validating Reader to validate an XML document that is passed into the Xml Validating Reader constructor? however, the Xml Validating Reader allows for another form of the constructor that doesn't have an underlying Xml Reader looks like the normal process is to use an underlying reader, as follows (C#): Xml Validating Reader o My VReader = new Xml Validating Reader(o My Reader); o My VReader. you can pass in the entire XML string, as follows: Xml Parser Context o Context = new Xml Parser Context(null, null, null, Xml Space.thanks for the previous comments, jason Here is an example I have made up now, the only special thing I had to do is to provide a base URI to the parser context so that the relative URI pointing to the schema could be resolved. Schema; public class Test2005042103 That example works fine for me here with .Note that I didn't bother to put a string literal with XML into the program but read the XML from a file first to put it in a string then for the example: using System; using System. NET 1.1, the example XML markup in the string is being pulled in node by node and validation errors are reported. this demonstrated a few key concepts that i think the MSDN library was not making clear. i do not see anywhere that the Schema is being added to a Schema collection, and the validation type of the Validating Reader being changed to Schema? would you be willing to show how to add a Schema validation?

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See also: Robin Cover's index of XML Schema materials.

Schema; try catch (Exception e) where you then create a function called my Callback to handle any actual validation exceptions.

None); // s Input contains an entire xml document string Xml Validating Reader o My VReader = new Xml Validating Reader(s Input, Xml Node Type.

my code is now reporting Schema errors with the manual schema addition.

the severity is only warning, which i find interesting, but that is enough to confirm the validity of the doucment, and that's what i was shooting for.