Validating rail tickets in europe

26 Dec

ACKSYS equips today more than 13,000 buses and trams.

To modernize their fleets and increase their performance, ACKSYS offers to operators "Air Box", a router combining Wi Fi (802.11n) and cellular (4G/LTE) functions.

This compact router designed for buses, compatible with ITx PT and UTAC E2 certified, allows a fast and automatic transfer of all data (streams mutualization on a single link) at the depot or during service.

Featuring a 4G LTE cellular interface complemented by a GNSS function (GPS, GLONASS ...), it also supports 2G and 3G standards.

Thanks to our R&D team we offer custom made solutions.

Our shelters are exclusively produced in our workshop in France near Nantes.

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Designed for the public transport market, its products can be deployed on the ground (e.g.

accim is certified quality iso 9001v2015 and has just received the welding certification en 15085-cl1 required for interventions on railway equipment.

accim has on-site facilities and staff capable to carry work on containing asbestos.

The Automatic People Counting Solutions with its latest 3D video technology and its data analysis software give you a real-time view of your data.

ACOREL supplies reliable accurate results that allow optimal fleet and human resources management, fraud assessment and sizing of the service offering.