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14 Sep

This tutorial covers; When selecting cells whilst recording a macro, the macro records these as absolute references.

You can toggle between relative and absolute references during a recording to get the correct behaviour from your macro.

You can write them shorthand or be more descriptive.

This lesson covers; Your VBA code is sure to have to refer to different cells, sheets and books.

Areas covered include; All through the course - the content is great, but the audio quality is a bit hissy, not as good as on some other courses.

This toolbar is always visible at the top of the screen making it the easiest way to trigger your macro.

This tutorial covers; You can customise the Ribbon in Excel 2010 and later versions.

This tutorial covers; After recording a macro you will need some way of initialising it.

This will commonly come in the form of a button, and the most popular place to position that button is the Quick Access Toolbar.