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To learn more about who can seek a repeat violence injunction or sexual or dating violence injunction, contact a Port St.Lucie, Florida, sexual and dating violence attorney at our law firm.The canal cut through a bone-bearing deposit that extended for over 300 m, although it is only a few meters thick. Fossils were found on the banks of both sides of the canal, and both east and west of the railroad track crossing the canal. On the association of human remains and extinct vertebrates at Vero, Florida.

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Since children are many times either the victims of repeat violence, sexual violence or dating violence, or the only witnesses to it, being armed with this information is often the key to winning or losing your case.However, the lower layers of sand in Stratum 2 were probably deposited by wind under a drier climatic regime during a glacial interval of global climate (Hemmings et al., 2014). The Vero Canal Site was discovered over 100 years ago following the construction of a drainage canal by the Indian River Farms Company. Gifford found the first fossils in the bank of the canal (Sellards, 1916). Weills, who began to collect additional specimens with Frank Ayers and other local residents. When faced with a repeat violence, sexual violence or dating violence case, many people feel that they can just "show up" to court and tell the judge their story.What those people do not realize is that nothing could be further from the truth.The Vero Canal Site, Stratum 2 of Sellards (1916) is a series of thin layers of sand and silt. Stratum 2 is overlain by Stratum 3, which is primarily a Holocene deposit. At the time, these were the first well documented human remains from the Pleistocene of North America. Sellards quickly reported this important discovery in several scientific publications in 1916, and held an on-site conference with leading archaeologists of the day. Many people who are involved in a repeat violence, sexual violence or dating violence case do not realize the serious implications that such cases carry with them.It is important for you to be represented by an attorney who understands how to examine and cross-examine important witnesses, such as the parties themselves, law enforcement officers, 911 operators, medical/mental health personnel, etc.