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01 Sep

This video helps kids understand why they should be careful when taking, sharing and receiving digital pictures.How should Joe deal with Lamer Bill’s threatening emails, texts and web posts?Posting a picture takes only a second but it lasts a lifetime with social media. Yet driving while distracted by mobile phone conversations or texts is like putting on a virtual blindfold.

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We have photographed at nearly every wedding and reception location in Utah, and are often contracted to shoot out of the country in beautiful destination weddings.

We invite you to view and/or download these videos for your educational benefit.

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Animated Net Safe Videos | Net Safe Cyber Safe your Teens Program | Net Safe Video Clips | Additional Video Links With mobile devices and computers everywhere, it’s important that adults understand what kids are doing in the virtual world.

This video introduces viewers to Net Safe Utah, a program with trainings, videos, links to web resources and more that can help parents, grandparents, caregivers and teachers keep kids safe online. This video introduces young children to Molly to help them understand what the Internet is and that, just like in the real world, it has some places that are safe for kids and some that are not.