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18 Nov

I had already owned the NT1-A, NT1-A and NT2000, but wanted something with a bit different character. I finally had a chance to cut some vocal tracks with it a few weeks ago.

The K2’s specs are impressive and the continuously variable pattern control is no gimmick – it’s a winner.

I love the clarity it brings to the vocals as well as the depth it posses & can make any person with headphones on hear all of their flaws which proves it possess 100 percent clarity.

I have found that any type of vocals I record with the K2 have always come out clear even when doing vocal parts such as whispers or soft spoken parts.

After weeks of research, I decided to purchase the K2. The multipattern feature alone is worth the price of admission.

Great on vocals, especially hip-hop, and great on acoutic guitar. Grab another figure 8 mic, and use the Blumlein technique.