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27 Dec

Then on the other end of the scale are reality simulation virtual games where you play as a human who gets a job, earns money and builds a family.

In between are virtual world games of all other kinds.

There are even virtual games where you get to own your dream pet – from dogs to horses to mythical beasts and fantastical unicorns.I plan on shutting down the game for good on August 1st 2018.Gold and credit purchases will be disabled until the final day of CCC.The income generated is barely enough to keep the server running the game and new online regulations/requirements required major changes that prevents me to keep it running. Being online for around 8 years is a great achievement.I’ve been thinking about this many times over the last year and I believe it’s time for me to move on.Virtual worlds simply ask you to create an avatar in a fantasy world shared with other players.This means if you've played any MMORPG, then you've already been inside a real virtual game. There are virtual games with a fantasy focus, where you play a random hero seeking to save the world from sure destruction.What comes to mind when someone says "Virtual worlds"?Do you imagine entering a 3D world like what happens in The Matrix and Tron movies? Modern virtual world games don't need you to have sci-fi gadgets or be plugged into a machine.With every addition, some players were happy some unhappy for various reasons.I tried to balance everything to make the majority happy and keep things fair.