Wang zi and rainie yang dating

12 Mar

Telephone: 07835603988Newly relocated to North Devon. We are 1930s Art deco specialists selling mainly high quality furniture, mirrors, lighting, figures etc.We are also interested in purchasing your unwanted Art deco items.There is strong video evidence that shows Prince may have attended a Mother’s Day celebration with Stephy’s family, proving his importance in her heart.

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TAIPEI - Taiwanese actress Rainie Yang has blown off a report about her secret marriage to Chinese singer Li Ronghao, saying it is a "scary" Hungry Ghost Festival story.

Next Magazine said today that Yang, 31, and Li, 30, had obtained marriage certificates in Beijing at the end of July. It's the seventh Chinese month now, is it a newsbreak from the underworld...scary! "The point is, I'm not married, although I'm fainting from seeing the report, but thank you for your concern." (In Mandarin, "married" and "fainting" are homonyms.) Yang's and Li's agents also denied the secret marriage story.

A video clip circulated in which Stephy was seen celebrating Mother’s Day with her family. A silver bracelet was seen on the man’s wrist, which strongly resembles a bracelet Prince has worn in photographs.

Also, the logo on the man’s shirt revealed that he was wearing a design from Prince’s clothing line! These strong clues led many fans to believe that Stephy and Prince may be dating after all.