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He was an earnest politician, and any movement that had for its object the welfare of Launceston had his support. After the piece came a Comic Song by Mr Gardiner, descriptive of divers things which an old gentleman "does not like to see." Some of the hits were good, particularly one touching "mustachoed swells who can't post a mag," which caused the more ursine part of the audience to look queer ... Gee is the master, play the popular air of "Sweet Home", to the barrack yard, on Sunday evening, 15th Aug." The band finally departed on 21 July 1832: About four hundred of the 39th regiment embarked on Saturday morning. I had heard of a WHOLE VILLAGE CLEARING OUT TO AUSTRALIA. These Germans went to South Australia, and formed the township of Hahndorf, which is still largely German.

Inspector Rose has been relieved of duty by the Commissioner of Police, and is at present confined to his quarters, awaiting the result, of which we trust we may shortly be able to report favourably. GALE", (13 December 1852), 3 At the Police Court, on Friday, William Rose, Inspector of Police, appeared before H. Wigley, Esq., Special Magistrate, upon the information of Adelaide Frances Gale, wife of Thomas Theodore Gale, ot Kooringa, vocalist, charging him upon suspicion with having on the 27th of November, feloniously assaulted the said Thomas Theodore Gale, with intent to do him some grievous bodily harm . He was leader of the band for many years, and continued an active member until very recently, taking a keen interest in the various contests in which they took part. Again, in August 1839, the published a piece of celebratory verse, entitled "lines written, on hearing the 39th band, of which Mr. Well, it was while I was assisting my brother, a pianoforte maker, at Ratibor, near the Austrian boundary, that I got the notion into my head of trying my luck in Australia.

The next toast given, as a matter of course, was "Prince Albert and the Royal Family," which was followed by a capital song very well sung, by a newly-arrived gentleman named Gale, who, when his vocal powers became known, was frequently solicited to favor the company in a similar way, to which he on every occasion most readily and handsomely acquiesced . The effect was instantaneous - the poor vocalist fell to the ground insensible, and with a bleeding wound above the temple. The patient, up to last night, was doing, far better than could have been expected, having perfect possession of his intellects, and being subject to very little pain. [Advertisement], (), 38 The death is announced, at the age of 85 years, of Mrs. Joseph's Band, and was associated with that body of musicians up to the time of his death. Your criticism on Der Freischutz [overture], &c., was correct, and the performance of the instrumental music reflects the greatest credit on the band master, to whose youth and ability this tribute is due ... "GAWLER INSTITUTE", (10 August 1867), 3 An adjourned meeting of the committee of the Institute was held on Friday, the 9th inst. "Ah, I see," he said, "you want me to tell you how I came to leave my native country.

"NORFOLK LODGE OF ODD-FELLOWS", (5 March 1849), 2 . Inspector Rose fell against the wall, but, immediately recovering himself, returned the blow by a stroke from a heavy hammer handled whip which he had in his hand. Moore was immediately called in, and found the skull fractured. Gale, who for many years was in the employ of Messrs. Thomas Gale), who figured prominently in public life in that city. Gale returned to Adelaide, where she resided until the time of her decease. Charles Galvin, with a number of others, founded the St. The bassoon cannot be mentioned with too much praise; he is really a very superior player, whose quality of tone, and beautiful execution ... The waltz is also a very sweet and pretty composition, and wherever it is introduced will became a favourite, being quite worthy of the pen of so admittedly able a musician as Mr. We can cordially recommend our musical readers to purchase these pieces, as they will thereby make a valuable addition to their musical library as well as encourage "native industry." "THE CHARGE OF EMBEZZLEMENT AGAINST GODFREY EGREMONT", (15 July 1923), 15 Mr. Paling, who had to go to a good deal of expense to make the place suitable for storing pianos. Gehde smiled as he put back the hands of the clock.

Documentation: "SHIPPING INTELLIGENCE", (26 January 1849), 2 ARRIVED. Rayner's music was of particular interest of Gassner, who introduced band arrangements of many of his songs, as well as several times performing his own ("comprising the Ode, Australian Belles, Southern Cross, 'Twill brighter be to-morrow"). All the gold-seekers had to pay a license of 30s a month. Kerr, five miles from Bathurst, and twenty-nine miles from Mudgee, in July, 1851.

He was on one occasion a candidate for municipal honours, but although he polled well he was defeated. "THEATRE", (Adelaide: Christian Colonist Office, 1891) [Review], James Gardiner, "TWENTY-FIVE YEARS ON THE STAGE", Christian Colonist (23 October 1891), 8 ... They left the Barracks about six o'clock, and marched along Cumberland-street, the band playing the old air usual on such occasions "the Girl I left behind me". Maurice Egremont Gee, which was certainly one of the best of the evening; it was sung in character and was loudly encored ... the audience were delighted by the exquisite production of the comic song and dance - "The Cures," by Messrs. I became acquainted with a gentleman who showed me letters, that had come from the little German colony in South Australia.

Grant's benefit on Monday night, was but thinly attended - owing to the tremendous rain which kept pouring down during the whole of the evening. He had many friends, indeed there were few citizens who were not acquainted with him or appreciated his worth ... The author's career in Australia opened in Adelaide, curiously enough, in 1848, in the old Victoria Theatre, Currie Street, now serving the more useful purpose of a horse bazaar. On their way they were cheered by some of the towns people, in reply to which they struck up Burns' "Farewell" and proceeded round by the fort to the Dock Yard, from which the boats conveyed them to their respective ships. EGREMONT-GEE, in reference to the above, requests the support of his friends and the public, and a continuance of the favours accorded to his predecessor. "TOPICS OF THE DAY", (20 July 1867), 2 A musical and dramatic entertainment was given in the Temperance Hall, North Adelaide, on Friday evening, July 19, and was a great success . I left my brother in 1850, and camo out in the German ship Australia.

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Vincent's Hospital and the Catherine Hayes Hospital. The men - there were eight of them - had deserted, and they made enough in a few months on the Turon to go back to Germany as rich men. I could not speak a single word of English, and my mate - well, he was worse than me. Johnson, a very nice man, managed to understand me, and I stayed at his place eighteen months.

Signor Gagliardi (son of general Gagliardi of the Sardinian service) performed a solo on the flute, which would have been extremely effective, had there been a proper pianoforte accompaniment. Bis songs made a hit and though he left the theatre and spent some time as a driver of a post-cart between Adelaide and the Port, yet he was enticed to return. , from London) Arrived Sydney, NSW, by October 1866 Departed Sydney, NSW, by March 1869 l-publictag=Godfrey Henry Egremont Gee (TROVE tagged by Australharmony) Egremont Born Ackworth-Moor-Tap, Yorkshire, England, 1847 Arrived Adelaide, SA, 1852 (details as for his brother above) Died Adelaide, SA, 5 July 1923 Egremont Gee's music shop (late Redford Clisby's), Rundle Street, Adelaide, c.1866; State Library of South Australia https://gov.au/version/228754566 https://au/resource/B 9114 Documentation: "SHIPPING INTELLIGENCE", (25 April 1866), 1 NOTICE. EGREMONT GEE, whose stock will be expressly selected by R. from London and the Continent; and respectfully requests a continuance of that patronage to his successor. I landed at Adelaide about Christmas time in 1850, and after a stay of six months in South Australia I decided to see if the streets of Sydney were paved with gold.

His style of playing is chaste, brilliant, and refined. After a short season here he proceeded to Melbourne, and was there when the discovery of gold at Bendigo produced such a sensation. l-publictag=Giovanni Gassner (TROVE tagged by Australharmony) Summary: On the 50th Regiment's second Australasian tour, Gassner and his band arrived in New Zealand in November 1863. - REDFORD CLISBY, in returning his sincere thanks to the public of South Australia for the liberal patronage enjoyed by him for the last 17 years, begs to state that he has DISPOSED of his BUSINESS to Mr. Every one was talking about the gold discoveries in 1851.

At a general meeting of the bandmasters of the division, held on the 8th April, 1872, it was unanimously carried that a letter should be forwarded to Major General D. B., to express how fully they recognised his unquestionably good judgment in directing the management of this concert, undertaken on so large a scale, and his unusual knowledge of matters musical. The experiment on the Osborne Estate in the Illawarra district was not a success, and I returned to Sydney with some useless experience - and no money. What are known as Paling's Buildings, including, the Safe Deposit, represent an expenditure of £99,000. Yes, I have heard them all, from Catherine Hayes, the singer, to Katharine Goodson, the pianist.

The bandmasters further desire to thank him for the impartial kindness, consideration, and support, they at all times received from him while carrying out his wishes, and they would consider themselves fortunate, under similar circumstances, should they have energetic a gentleman at their head - Signed, Mr. Catherine Hayes, as I suppose you know, sang here in 18.